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Rookie of the month: Mr. Awesome

Posted on April 03 2016

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Meet Hayden, A.K.A Mr. Awesome


I know many of you have been wondering who is this new kid?! The RichGirls have been swooning and the RichBoys have been a tad bit cautious since he appeared on the scene.  Wonder no more Ladies and Gents, while he may steal a few hearts, he is not here for the drama.

 Leader/ Athlete/Team Captain


Hayden is a 9 year old foot baller from San Antonio.  He is an Army Brat and a true athlete. Hayden plays football and is proud to tell everyone that he is the team Captain.


New Faces


Mr. Hayden appeared on the scene with @mstaylorpaige_ shooting for @Rich_boys and garnered so much attention with everyone wanting to know who he is.  He appeared on many popular feature pages with many fans wondering if they were the new faces of RichBoys TX. 



Since lighting up the scene wearing one of the hottest shops on Instagram, Hayden has also landed a lead role for a non profit commercial to be shot in Austin TX.

Mr. Awesome is here to stay, check him out on Instagram at @hayden_destin.

@hayden_destin, @mstaylorpaige and @rich_boys taking over ALL SUMMER 16'.


Narda J.


  • Admin: April 05, 2016

    Thank you Shawronda :)
    We want our fans to feel like they are a part of the team. Thank you so much for all your support and your loyalty.

  • Shawronda Miller: April 04, 2016

    Hello loves!
    Skye & I love your brand. We love how you always keep it fresh & wearable. We love how you bless others because you are bless. Well I know we will continue to see you throughout the years. And this new idea to showcase someone is just a wonderful outlet & opportunity.

    Your friends & fam!

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