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Rich Living Rookie: Jabari “Bear” Striblin

Posted on June 05 2016

Being rich isn't about having money, fancy cars or a glamorous lifestyle. Its all about taking life lessons and making the best of it, not letting the negativity around you hold you back from achieving your goals. Kind of like: “Taking Lemons and making Lemonade”. RichBoy, Jabari Striblin knows all about that.  


Bear, as he was so affectionately nicknamed, is the most stylish and adorable kid you will ever meet.  He brings life to whatever he does.  From his fly style to his heart-melting smile, this kid was made for the limelight!


Jabari “Bear” Striblin was born October 11, 2014, in Chicago Illinois. When Jabari’s father learned he was having a Little King number three, he was very excited. People would tell him all the time how lucky he was to have three little Kings and He would always respond, "I'm not lucky I'm Blessed".


Just two months after Jabari entered the world, he moved to Texas with his mother and two older brothers in 2015. Thinking this would be a setback; the warm glow of the sun has only fed his naturally photogenic glow.  Not only does he LOVE the flash of the camera, Jabari also loves Mickey Mouse, playing with building blocks, listening to music and dancing to his favorite song "Look at My Dab & Panda".


After noticing he was a natural in front of the camera, Jabari’s mother decided to pursue a modeling career for her son. She also hopes when he grows up he follows his dreams and become whatever his heart desires. He is a go-getter, a trendsetter and has been making waves Instagram.


Jabari’s Mother is ready to support her little king’s endeavors and hopes he chooses a career that makes him happy.

Instagram: @Bearthakidd


  • Aadore: June 08, 2016

    Congrats handsome, we so admire your style and wish you nothing but the best on your endeavors. Thank God for a mommy like yours she is simply the best! We will be supporting you to the fullest so keep that lovely smile. We love you!
    Yours Instagram bestie Aadore.

  • Britt Elesha: June 06, 2016

    Congratulations Bear! You absolutely know I ❤ me some ???! You are going many places and have a great mommy who keeps you stylish, fresh, current and in the know! Love you always your #1 Fan….Mz Britt!

  • Dejurnette : June 06, 2016

    Congrats Baby Boy Mommy Loves You !!! YOUR ON THE ROAD TO GREATNESS #futurestar

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