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Halloween Costume Selfies

Posted on October 24 2015

Halloween is creeping up and the fact that thousands of Rich Boys and Girls still do not have costumes is Freakin' Scary. But don't Fret because a few supplies and some creativity can go a long way in a short amount of time. 

There are plenty of Self-made costumes that can compete with the best of the best store-brought funny, character, and gory disguises. We found some Really Cool ones and figured we'd share them with our Rich Fam. Maybe you will be inspired! 

ET Halloween Costume DIY

We thought this was a Dope and Easy Halloween Costume Selfie inspired by The Classic Movie, ET.

Lego and Cotton Candy Costume

A Box, some paint or color duck tape, and solo plastic cups and you got yourself a human Lego. And to create his Cotton Candy Counterpart, spray paint some pillow stuffing and make it stick!

lobster in a pot baby costume

Lobster anyone? The costume may not be a selfie but the Pot adds a DIY touch that gives this store-brought costume a very self-made edge. So we had to include it in this post. But if it's too late to find the lobster suit, use a snow suit, some craft stems for the antennae and some cotton balls for the eyes and voila! Lobster's served.

So what are your Rich Boys and Girls going to be this Halloween? We want to see! Tag all your Halloween pictures to #RichHalloween15 and get a 15% off Discount code to! You know, for when you really want to dress up :) 




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