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Posted on August 03 2016

These styles reek with the message of less is more. The conveyance of class is subtly interjected into a bold array of streetsyle.

Although I would add some deep reds, a rockstar touch or maybe a some dark yellows, the styles below shows what's in store for mans fashion this fall.

His bag different! Who doesn't love tattoos and white tees.


White on black is a timeless combination.


Classic white tee worn in three ways.


Blue faded jeans looks great with any style.  Shades are a must!


Camo on camo on black.


All black with a pop of color 


Classic skinny jeans worn with the extended tee in various colors. Notice the pop of color on his feet.  


You can never go wrong with hearts and a throwback Tommy tee.  You can get the golden heart tee here .


The rolled sleeves button up shirt can be worn to any occasion with any style pants.


Yes men can wear stripes and I'm loving the transition of one bold color to the next.


Khaki on Khaki with the tattoo sleeve....this look needs no caption and you are sure to turn heads on any occasion.


Photo credit: IG @gentwithstreetstyle check them out for more. 


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