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"Amir and The Stinky Socks" Print Book

$ 6.00

Choosing to play his video games instead of wash his dirty socks like his mother instructed, Amir gets a stinky scare that will teach him to listen to his parents.

In this colorful, hip tale about following your parent’s instructions seven-year-old author Amir Dinero gives young readers rhyme, laughter, and a moral lesson on a level all of their own.

Amir Dinero has had a vivid imagination since he began forming sentences. Known for his elaborate story telling, it came as no surprise when the first grader told his parents that he wanted to be an author. The as he headed into second grade, his words became his reality. Amir and the Stinky Socks is the beginning of not only a literary journey for Amir, but also a movement for small kids with big dreams worldwide.

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